February 4, 2001

Intimate Interludes

By Lisa Amand

     No matter how many times you've watched darkness fall over the cobblestoned meatpacking district, it remains one of the city's most alluring and romantic neighborhoods. Florent has been lighting up the night for 16 years, long before trendy Pastis and Rhone and Chingalle came to keep it company. But the Formica-countered Florent is still humming with brash energy and a cast of Off-Off-Broadway characters. And its food is still gently priced. The $29 prix fixe on Valentine's Day won't break the bank, nor will the regular menu, also available that night, of boudin noir ($13.95), steak frite ($16.50) and grilled tuna with miso-ginger vinaigrette ($14.95). On weekends, when Florent is open 24 hours, it can be more crowded at 3 a.m. than at 6 p.m. Gotta love a city that never sleeps.