Time Out New York

April 19-26, 2001

Our Favorite Foods


Restaurant Florent's pinch of politics

     Get yourself unplugged. Ask your waiter about a living will. If you've taken a seat a Florent Morellet's 16-year-old diner in the Meatpacking District, you may have noticed: This man not only has the best moules frites for blocks (and blocks), he has an agenda. Most days, the white-lettered board above the counter displays- in addition to weather forecasts and plugs for the staff's favorite performers (Richard Move, Virginia Rodrigues, Merce Cunningham)- some simple advise: PACK SANDWICHES, NOT GUNS.... DEFEND AN ABORTION CLINIC.... WORK FOR A CURE.... VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. "I've been a big mouth in politics for awhile," says Morellet, who cochairs a group of residents and business people, from butchers to nightclub owners, dedicated to protecting their historic neighborhood. But to avoid stridency, Morellet seasons each of his messages with sarcasm. On a recent eve, just above a note that read SAVE GANSEVOORT MARKET..., lurked his medical advisory: HEALTH WARNINGS: FOOT & MOUTH, BUSH & DICK. -Carole Braden